10 Things to
                                        Plan before Mobile App Development

Most Potential Indian Startup

Technology is the best when it brings people together. It has become the key source of communication among people around the world. Every other individual and business these days is making significant use of digital technologies to stay connected with their people.

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Awarded The Best It Company In Jaipur

Be the change you wish to see in the world. It is better to make a change rather than just dreaming about the same. It enables you to observe appreciations beyond your imagination. The revolutionary efforts of Getraise’s team to build a successful business empire in a frequently changing IT sector lead them to achieve appreciation from the International Icon Awards 2022 whose winners were recently announced by theBlindwink.

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Getraise Group

Refreshing The It Sector With Excellence-Based Solutions

Technology does more than delight entertain and makes our lives more convenient, it’s also an agent for social good. That’s it is why tech startups need to stay informed about and make a mark on policies that impact them

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Working With
                                        TypeScript and Jest Support

Working With TypeScript and Jest Support: An AWS SAM Tutorial

JavaScript boilerplate is easy enough to come by, but there's a bit more to starting AWS SAM projects with TypeScript. Here's how to create an AWS SAM TypeScript project from scratch with Jest support.

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A UI/UX Case Study

Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

Our UI/UX head Sehal Jain explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.

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                                        Lightning Web Components

Salesforce Lightning Web Components – learn user interface development

Salesforce has recently announced Lightning Web Components (LWC) in December 2018, in comparison to the existing Aura Framework. LWC is the Salesforce implementation of a new breed of lightweight frameworks built on web standards, which leverages custom elements, modules, shadow DOM, decorators, templates, and other new language constructs available in ECMAScript 7 and beyond.

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10 Things to
                                        Plan before Mobile App Development

10 Things to Plan before Mobile App Development

In the last decade, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. With necessity being the mother of invention, the digital era demands optimum utility of any innovation and up-gradation of existing technology. Having said this, the interjunction of mobile apps and smartphones cannot be overlooked. Here are 10 things an app developer must keep in check before beginning the mobile app development.

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E-A-T SEO + Flying Penguins

Everything you need to know about E-A-T SEO

Does your SEO have everything it needs to be at the top? Has your website been performing relatively low for unforeseen reasons? If the answer to the questions is a yes, then it’s time for you to implement Google’s search algorithm E-A-T because like they say, “You are what you E-A-T”.

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Use Negative Keywords to Positively

Use Negative Keywords to Positively Impact Your Campaign Strategy

It’s a humbling moment when you realize that not everyone has a use for the product you poured your heart and soul into. That’s right: Not everyone wants an app to remind them of their daily tasks or a food courier that delivers hot meals at a moment’s notice. It’s impossible to make everyone happy all of the time—and that’s OK!

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